Upgrading from Mycroft

As the mycroft.ai Selene server is no more, Mycroft’s devices will need a replacement OS / personal assistant. There are some different upgrade options depending on what device you’re using.

  • Neon OS is a prebuilt OS supporting Raspberry Pi4 and Pi5 with the Mark 2, most ReSpeaker audio devices, and USB audio.

  • RaspOVOS is a prebuilt OS supporting Raspberry Pi3 and Pi4 with limited support for the Mark 2, most ReSpeaker audio devices, and USB audio.

  • OVOS Installer can be used to install OpenVoiceOS on top of many operating systems, such as RaspberryPi OS.


Some highly technical community members are independently attempting some stubbed out workarounds, but these are not simple, and we haven’t verified their functionality.

Hi Daniel! Do you know if Neon OS recognizes the wakeword models trained on mycroft precise?


Most of the wake words I know of have moved to Precise Lite or OpenWW, but there is a Precise plugin that should still be installable.

I’d recommend trying Open Wake Word though as running the model should be less CPU-intensive and the model building is pretty easy. There’s a great guide on the HomeAssistant Forums.

Configuration is much like Mycroft except that Neon uses YAML which I think is a little easier to work with. We have more details/examples in our docs

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Quick question, would any of folks may know if any of these OS’s images are available for the Jetson Nano board vs. the Pi? Currently, is what I have available until my order of a PI arrives.


Answered here Running PiCroft on RP - #10 by goldyfruit (please avoid duplicate post :+1: )

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Thank you im atcually quite suprised anyone awnserd after 3 years of this forum not being active!


Forum has been migrated to https://community.openconversational.ai/ which now regroups Mycroft AI (defuncted), Open Voice OS (OVOS) and Neon communities. :slight_smile:

OVOS and Neon are very active :tada:


I am totally overwhelmed. I have two Mycroft Mark-1s and can’t find a way to bring them back to life.
Is there an entry page on how to get started? Apparently the Mycroft Mark 1 is only supported as a “Raspberry Pi” and not its case. Is this correct?
NeonOS and OVOS are probably different solutions, is there a page on what the pros and cons are or how things work there if you want to write your own skills?
Are there also servers where you can register your device?
I assume the Mycorft code itself has not been included in any of their projects, right?

There’s a lot of development going on so I think things have changed since the original post here, but right now I believe OVOS Installer will support the Mark 1 (@goldyfruit will know best about that). Neon has no immediate plans for supporting a standalone Mark 1 device.

Kind of, Neon implements/extends a lot of OVOS. Skills and plugins are portable between Neon and OVOS installations; I don’t think we have an up-to-date comparison of the two but @NeonClary may know better.

Neither Neon nor OVOS have a backend server the way Mycroft did. For the Neon images, Neon maintains a public backend to serve devices and offers tools for deploying your own.

Much of OVOS and Neon is built directly on top of Mycroft’s open source code. It’s evolving quickly, but a lot of the core components come from Mycroft code.

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raspOVOS image should support the mk1, dont think the installer supports it yet (but its being worked on)

will also add that while servers are optional, you can use the personal backend


including to keep existing mycroft installs going, just point the server url to a personal backend

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Indeed @NeonDaniel, Mark 1 should be supported around the next two weeks.


Thanks a lot. This information helps a lot to find a start point to bring back to life my Mycrofts.


Here is a Mark 1 demo running HiveMind, since then the mouth has been fixed.


Yes raspOVOS supports the mar1 out of the box. Use the headless image from here

@the_doctor Feel free to try this PR Add support for Mycroft Mark 1 device by goldyfruit · Pull Request #79 · OpenVoiceOS/ovos-installer · GitHub which should work with your Mark 1 (works for me). :hugs:

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Adding the link to the ovos-installer howto post.