The Mycroft integration for Home Assistant has been disabled because of a legacy PIP Resolver.,

This is the GitHub page with information.

I am running an old Picroft, and was hoping to migrate over to OVOS. I don’t see the point if I can’t use Mycroft as a Notify platform for Home Assistant.

Why didn’t @StuartJMackintosh (over at GitHub) reply to the HA people? He seems to be listed as the maintainer for the MycroftAPI.

I’d like to tag @ChanceNCounter and @JarbasAl here, since they are heavily involved with OVOS.

I have my hardware now for my new OVOS setup, and would love to help in any way I can. I have 20 automations within Home Assistant that call upon Mycroft as a Notify platform; as part of each automation. The house feels dead now, without him randomly letting me know what’s happening.

from HA → OVOS

and from OVOS → HA

also note the original MycroftAPI is from a previous mycroft community member who left in the early days and deleted all his code, the repo you linked was a fork, but since original was deleted it now appears to be the source, the author was @btotharye. @StuartJMackintosh has no way to publish an update to pypi afaik

that lib has been dead for a long time, even before mk2 was announced…

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Good news - there’s a community HACS integration available now that works with OVOS/Neon to bring your Notify automation back to life: Home Assistant Integration for OVOS/Neon

I do intend to keep this one up over time and PRs are, of course, welcome to add functionality!

The Home Assistant skill/plugin combo that @JarbasAl linked to is the one that is being maintained and rolled into CommonIOT for OVOS 0.0.9 (still a couple of releases away) so if you’re using OVOS, that’s the recommended path. The original HA skill is still being actively maintained so if you have that working on OVOS, by all means, use that! Just be aware that come OVOS 0.0.9 there will be some intent collision that could cause issues.

I check this forum a couple times a day, but if you have questions, the Matrix chat is usually pretty busy. Or if you don’t mind delayed responses I’ll keep an eye on things here as well.

Super duper awesome, brother! I m so excited to start building my device.

Thanks for the fast feedback! I am ready to get this going. Have all my hardware. Just need to design and print a new enclosure for dual speakers.

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Couple years ago I wrote an API for Mycroft AI based on FastAPI, I’m planning to migrate it to OVOS (when I’m done with the OVOS Docker images).

That API looks like a dangerous proposition at first glance =P

OVOS doesn’t implement Mycroft. We supersede it. Legacy stuff is going to start breaking left and right. You can’t migrate fast enough.

I haven’t found a good way to push this point with users yet.