Home Assistant Integration for OVOS/Neon

Hey folks,

Since the Mycroft integration for Home Assistant is getting a bit long in the tooth and I’ve had reports of it not working since the HA 2023.6 series of releases, I put together an MVP integration for OVOS and Neon. I tried initially moving it to their best development practices but their development community was a bit prickly and I was struggling to get it working. So, in the interest of getting something working for the community here, I’ve made an integration with 1:1 feature compatibility available via HACS (Home Assistant Community Store).

For information and an installation guide, please check out my blog post: Mike Gray | Home Assistant Integration for OVOS

Also, I’ve been posting quite a bit on OVOS, Neon, and the Mark 2. If you’d like, please subscribe to my RSS feed to keep up to date.

Feedback, feature requests, and PRs welcome!