Running PiCroft on RP

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I am new here to this forum, and also to anything related to PiCroft, and quite old to AI related projects running on devices like Pi or Jetson nano. I was following a recipe from YT “ExplainingComputers” about running PiCroft on a PI. However, his link to this site seems to be revamped and migrated to open community platform and many of the projects such as the Picroft image seem to be moved or no longer available as far as I’ve noticed. I searched for this on the GitHub and click on the stable version takes me to another page noting that the image is no longer available. Can anyone let me know, if this project is still available or if there is a new revised image of this some where here? It seems that everything here has been laid out differently from what I see in EC’s video. Thank you!

Hi @Luiblonc ,

Have a look here Upgrading from Mycroft


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Hi Goldyfruit,

Thank you for the quick response! Hence, I will check this out to see, where I need to start and have fun with my build. Thanks again!


Hello and welcome to the community :slight_smile:

For some background, we recently migrated the forums here and there are more details in our announcement post: "AI For Everyone" - Community Forum Hosting Migration Coming Soon.

@goldyfruit already linked to a post explaining the different distributions available now and we have a great community here to help with any questions you have.


Here’s one more - a “Mini Mycroft”:

(OK, it’s not really a distribution. It’s a PVA stack that goes on top of most Linuxes)


Thank you! Hence, I’m looking forward to catching up to speed to see where to begin, once some items are on order. :slight_smile:

Thank you Mike99mac! :+1:t2:

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Quick question, would any of folks may know if any of these OS’s images are available for the Jetson Nano board vs. the Pi? Currently, is what I have available until my order of a PI arrives.


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Goldyfruit can clarify, but ovos-installer may work on one of those boards. IIRC Neon has an image that works there too - @NeonDaniel ?

It depends of the base OS used by Jetson (Debian, RHEL, etc…), if Debian based for example then it might work but the Nvidia driver/CUDA will not be handled by the ovos-installer.

I’m only explicitly targeting Orange Pi 5B and Raspberry Pi 4-5, but if either of those kernels are compatible with the Jetson Nano then I expect it would work, but I don’t have one to test against and haven’t done anything with the Jetson boards.

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