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Announcing the Migration of the Mycroft community to the Open Conversational AI community at Community.OpenConversational.AI

Dear Mycroft Community Forum Members,

In 2017 Mycroft’s vision of “AI for Everyone” brought together this amazing development community, and our shared vision of open source conversational AI is still being realized. As you know, Neon AI and OpenVoiceOS have taken up the “torch” of development for the private personal voice assistant project that Mycroft started, including moderating and supporting users on this forum. We share Mycroft’s mission of putting private, personal, conversational AI within reach of everyone. For that, this community must grow beyond the bounds of Mycroft AI’s projects.

In the coming weeks, we will be transforming the Mycroft forum into the Open Conversational AI forum, a collaborative space where community members of all privacy-respecting projects related to conversational AI are welcome. This forum will continue to welcome the community that has grown up around Mycroft AI, Neon AI, and OpenVoiceOS. We simply intend to welcome additional related projects into the fold.

Hosting and moderation for this community will be handled by Neon AI starting on January 31, 2024. You won’t need to make a new account, nor change any of your login information, but you will need to log in again. Mycroft’s forum only retained encrypted passwords, so your password has never been shared. You will be able to use your current email to reset your password if you’ve forgotten it. You will still be able to login using your Gmail or GitHub account.

Respecting your data privacy, including the email address you have used to register here, was a prime consideration in our planning. We at Neon AI hope we’ve earned your trust throughout our seven year relationship with Mycroft AI, including by developing open source software that respects your privacy.

In the future, we plan to send quarterly newsletters to users who participate in this community. We will not share your email.

Here is the plan for migrating the Mycroft Forum to Neon AI hosting:

  1. We will include returning community participants in the quarterly community newsletter mailing list - of course you can opt out at any time.

  2. After the migration of the forum, a globally pinned topic will appear alerting users that the forum is now hosted by Neon AI.

  3. Starting on February 1st, this forum will forward to Community.OpenConversational.AI

Thank you for being a member of the Neon AI, OpenVoiceOS and Mycroft AI community! We look forward to working together with community members like you in 2024, and to continue advancing privacy respecting open source conversational AI tools, applications and devices.

Happy 2024,

The Neon AI Team

Please contact me at Clary@Neon.AI with any suggestions, questions, or requests regarding this transition.

Clary Gasper
Community Manager
Find us at Neon.AI or on our Matrix chat

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And thank you Clary for all the hard work you do to keep this community humming :))

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Does a last sync will happen between the two forums before the shutdown?

Thanks Clary.

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Yes, absolutely.
What’s up at the new site now is a rather old version, just set up so we could be as sure as possible that it was going to work smoothly when we actually migrate.

On the 31st when we migrate, we’ll set this site to read-only, make a nice fresh backup, and then upload that to the new location and mark take that off of “read-only”. I’ll put some banners up here after the migration directing folks to the new site, and this one will remain in a read-only state until Michael Lewis gets a chance to replace it with a simple page with a link to the new community location.


The plan is for this forum to become read only at 00:00 UTC (in about 45 minutes). While we validate things both forums will be read only for some time (minutes to hours depending on how smoothly things go) and then we will have the new forum at community.openconversational.ai open.


And I believe our migration is now mostly complete! :tada:

We are working out some small details, but the content is migrated, GitHub and Google oauth configured, and everything is ready to roll!

One small note, I noticed that 2FA with a security key (like a Yubikey) will fail due to the new URL, but a TOTP authenticator code or backup code worked fine for me.