Upgrade to v20.2.0 was seamless - Thanks!


I was pleased to hear my Mark One proactively offer the upgrade to Mycroft Core v20.2.0 after using it to switch on an OpenHAB automation.

I was even more pleased to see the upgrade take place in the background, and frankly surprised to see that the process was automatic, painless, and worked first time!

I’ve been using Mycroft since the first hardware was posted out, and previous upgrades have often needed comand-line fixes, several reboots (sad yellow eyes), and even a new SD card image.

This release was seamless - WELL DONE! :grin: :clap: :partying_face:

I can see the learning and effort coming together in recent API improvements - e.g. central skill config via the portal rather than SSH & XML, and half expected some more breaking changes to need Python skill maintenance.




Hey James, thanks for the positive feedback!

Great to hear it went so well and that your Mark 1 is still going strong :smiley: