🎉 Mycroft Core v20.2.0 - and it's a big one

Improvements, fixes and other greatness in this update include:

  • In multi-client setups, return messages can now be targeted only to the client that made the request. Huge thanks to JarbasAl for this. Also check out their HiveMind Voice Satellite project for an example implementation.
  • Added commandline tool mycroft-listen . Big thanks to FruityWelsh.
  • Storage location of utterance and detected wake word audio files is now configurable thanks to ludwhe
  • New IntentQuery API allows querying the state of the intent service. Thanks again to JarbasAl.
  • Deprecated use of # in config files, moving to // for improved compatibility. Thanks to Belvederef for this one.
  • Improved Mimic2 error handling, ensuring server errors fallback to Mimic1 correctly.
  • Added tests to the Common Play Framework and resolved a few bugs that showed their head as a result.
  • Added tests for Common Query Framework and fix detection of visual platforms.
  • Simplify dialog loading, deprecating the DialogLoader class and shifting to get_dialog() function.
  • a range of other bug fixes and improvements

Breaking changes
Major releases are also our chance to make changes that are incompatible with prior versions. In 20.02 this includes:

  • Skill settings are now a simple dict.
  • New syntax for registering a callback function when settings changes are detected.
  • Updated method for forcing a disk write of settings.
  • ConfigurationManager has been removed (deprecated in 18.02). This should not be confused with the mycroft-config commandline tool used to manage your local configuration settings.
  • extract_datetime() returns None if no date or time is found.
  • Audio Accuracy Test has been renamed the Wake Word Test, and moved.

:eye: See all the details in the v20.2.0 release notes

If you have any questions about this release, please let us know :slight_smile: