Unity desktop integration?

Thanks so much for all this great work on mycroft this is a really awesome project. I heard about it a little while back on the podcast.init podcast. I finally got around to installing ubuntu on my wife’s old laptop and then mycroft. I am still a bit new to linux so please forgive me if i ask any odd questions.

I did get up and running with the CLI.

Something that I am having trouble sorting out here on the forum is exactly which desktop extension to try. There are two listed in this post here https://community.openconversational.ai/t/gui-connected-with-mycroft-core/1154. one of the projects says its for gnome desktop, does that mean it won’t run on Unity? The other seems to be something web based.

Then there’s this blog post from over a year ago. https://mycroft.ai/linux-desktop-and-phone-integration/ but there are no links on the post where to get it.

What options are there for someone running Vanilla Ubuntu 16.10 with the unity interface?


In the Linux world you have a lot of desktop environments to choose from. We have: Kde, Gnome, Mate, Unity, xfce, cinnamon, budgie, pantheon and I’m probably forgetting some yet. Ubuntu runs unity by default and as far as I know there is no desktop integration with unity yet but you can install the one you want but I wouldn’t recommend it if you don’t have a lot of experience.

Would I would recommend you do is install Ubuntu Gnome which already comes preinstalled with Gnome on Ubuntu ubuntugnome.org there you could install the Gnome extension or you could install kubuntu and install the kde plasmoid

what about the work described in that blog-post, that looks like unity?

Yea that is talking about unity but I have not seen any releases of it. I have only seen a Gnome extension and a kde plasmoid

has there bee any progress on this in a year?

Unity or Gnome you would still just be developing a GTK app correct? the specifics might be the interactions with the different task bar setups?

I think that is correct.