Gui connected with mycroft core


I want to build mycroft into my golf cart with a monitor where I want to display information that mycroft is going to receive.

Could anyone give me any pointers on how I could connect the gui with mycroft core?
The application is made in python 3 with kivy



I would recommend taking a look at one of the existing GUI clients. Some of these projects might need updating but are good examples of gui interfaces at the very least:

Magic mirror, electron app:

Gtk, qt, kde plasmoid:

…and also the other clients in the mycroft-core code.

They connect over a web socket message bus. If you were able to connect to it with your kivy application, you could send messages back and forth.

Also, definitely take a look at some community skills, where they build intents to fire off events.

It sound like a cool project! Join us on slack for more rapid fire discussion if you like.