[SOLVED] Kernel panic - Need to reimage?

Long story short - I rebooted my Mycroft Mark-1 the other day because it was no longer displaying anything in the center area (between the “eyes”). I got the eternally rolling eyes symptom. Hooking it up to a monitor and keyboard reveals "Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(179,2). The post at Mark I quit working indicates that this is a corrupt SD card, so I guess it’s time to reimage.

I assume the image found at https://drive.google.com/uc?id=10P5xMUBvEqGPyDpjNGtv3Vjed2dAdUfd&export=download is the current one.

I have two questions: Are there any other options besides reimaging? Can I just wipe and reuse the existing SD card, or do I need a new one?



Hi there @relytgerg, sorry to hear this is happening.

A kernel panic is a sure sign that your Micro SD card is toast and it should be disposed of. Even if the SD card is reimaged, it is likely to kernel panic again shortly after. It is a much better option to use a new Micro SD card, then reimage the device.

The latest Mark 1 image is always kept at https://mycroft.ai/to/mark-1 which is showing as 3rd March.

Are you OK with unscrewing the faceplate and reseating an SD card (you sound like you probably are, but I don’t like to assume)?

Best, Kathy


I’m fine with getting to and removing the SD card. I’m also OK with imaging a new card and reinstalling it.

Is there a list somewhere of recommended SD cards? What is the largest size that can be used? I have some lying around, but I fear a have nothing smaller than a 128GB SDHC card which I assume won’t work.



Also, The link you provided to the latest image gives me a 404 error. If I use https://mycroft.ai/get-mycroft/ for the latest image, I get a 1st of March date.


Reimaged and back up and running. Thanks.

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Thanks so much for confirming, and apologies for the hassle.