[SOLVED] Bug in Alarm Skill

I am using a Mark I vanilla without any modifications. Here are the software versions that home.mycroft.ai reports:

For the past week, when I ask Mycroft to set an alarm for the morning, it goes off almost immediately after the command. Not only that, but I can’t ask it to stop. And the alarm sound which plays get’s distorted and appears to not finish every audio loop. I have to unplug the entire thing or reboot. After it reboots, it starts playing again. Seems to be trapped in some infinite loop. I have to do a factory reset to get the thing to stop at all. And if I ask for another alarm after the factory reset, it will do the entire thing again.

I also checked to see if it was confused about the time. Last night, I asked it what time it was, and it correctly reported 3AM. I asked for an alarm today at 8AM. Mycroft heard me correctly and stated that it is setting an alarm for that time (I believe it said within 5 hours, which is correct). But ofcouse within 15 seconds, it started going off again, in this death loop.

Let me know if there is an easy way to fix this. I love this thing, and the alarm is one of the main reasons I got it. Really want it to work :slight_smile:

Hi Colin, thanks for reporting this, and sorry to hear you’ve had some difficulty with your Mark 1.

I know that there are some improvements to the Alarm Skill that are pending code review at the moment. Looking at the PR, it sounds like this commit may have addressed these issues.

Give me a couple of days to get this Skill change tested and pulled in, then we can see if it’s resolved the issue for you too.

Sounds a bit like this.

That does make sense, because I am in Central Time in the United States, which is 5 hours off GMT time. So 3am firing as if it were 8am fits that description.

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Towards the bottom of that post Steve states how you can install the debugged alarm skill. I have tried it and it does fix the timezone problem. There are one or two other gremlins but it generally works now.

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Congrats to the developers, the thing fixed every problem it had without me doing anything.
Keep up the great work! Really love this thing over the amazon echo and google home assistant. I wanted a voice assistant, but I couldn’t give in to having a device designed to lubricate my spending habits, while privately owning my data. Plus, the humanoid design is way more interesting and endearing design than the alternatives, and the British voice is just plain cooler. I hope you guys kill the competition. You just need a 1984 style (early Mac) ad to take a final swing at the tech megaliths.