PS3 Eye Not Working

I have a fresh install of PiCroft on a Pi3B and a brand new PS3 Eye. It works perfect with my Windows 10 PC, but when I try to go through the quick setup it doesn’t work. Going to Alsamixer and selecting the device from Sound Cards gives me this error:

“cannot load mixer controls: Invalid argument”

I know I’m selecting the correct device because it’s the same it says on my Windows PC. Is there another way to make this work? I’m on version 7.86 core 19.8.1

Hi there,

Sorry to hear the PS3 is having trouble.

I’ve reproduced the error when attempting to select the sound card in alsamixer. A quick search online reveals lots of people with the same problem, but haven’t yet found a solution.

The (hopefully) good news is that this shouldn’t be required. Can I check which Picroft image you are using? What’s the date in the filename?
When you say you’re on version 7.86 - what does this relate to?

What sort of power supply are you using for the Pi? Insufficient or fluctuating power could be a cause. If you don’t have another power supply, I’d at least unplug anything non-essential like the HDMI display, and SSH in.

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I have the same problem. I use SSH to get in, only thing connected are my speaker via 3.5mm jack and PS3Eye. It is recognized but it doesn’t capture my voice at all.

Hi beastflow,

Is this using the latest Picroft stable image dated 2019-11-10?

Did the PSEye work in the mic test during the setup process? Or not at all?

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