Phones scenarii

Hi folks,

Phone Integration in on the way. Time to think about scenarii cases for our Mycroft client:

  • Navigate to somewhere with voice control
  • Texting with voice control
  • Calling someone with voice control
  • Check notifications
  • Babyphone with voice control

Don’t hesitate to share your scenarii :wink:

Instance of mobile Mycroft should definitely be able to communicate with and forward commands to instance of Mycroft at home / on desktop.
Most likely way to implement that would be trough mobile internet, but awesome reserve/alternative would be if mobile Mycroft could actually call Mycroft at home (which would obviously somehow have to be hooked up to phone line / mobile network), so that you could still have contact / control over home Mycroft even if you are out of WiFi range and have no mobile internet.



Normally there will be client to manage Mycroft from phone, but I’m agree that could be more powerfull if Mycroft on phone could directly talk to Mycroft at home using mobile network when not at home.

I imagine that all Mycroft Devices should have a unique ID, so when you contact your Mycroft devices from your phone, it will reconize the ID, that your recorded as private unit, and then your primary Mycroft devices at home will charge your message into a queue.

One of scenarii possible could be the babyphone scenario

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Babyphone with voice control

- The story:

I’m in restaurant with my wife, my kids are at home with their babysitter.

“- Mycroft, are my children sleeping ?”
"- Yes, all the chidren are sleeping, see them sleep!" or “- X is sleeping but Y is in the bathroom. I just send you the picture”

- How could it work ?

Then the message will be send to my primary unit at home, and then the unit will ask to each Mycroft devices if they’re seeing the kids, and/or listening them. The mycroft devices in the rooms will analysis if light is on or off and if the noise is my kid snoring, and take a picture, then they will return the result to the primary device which will send me the answer with the picture.
If one of them is not in the bed but maybe in the bathroom washing teeth, because the units in the bathroom have seen my boy here, I could say:

"Mycroft, open a conversation with Y"

And I could say good night.

Of course it need the camera on the mycroft devices ^^ Hoping that the Indiegogo campaign will be a success


Suggestion, do not make it where MyCroft will be a dedicated app that will require the app to be running and given full attention.

It should be where it does have an app you can interact with however it should also be where you can engage it like Google Now by saying a trigger word for it to start listening.

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By default, the trigger keyword will me “Mycroft”, that’s why all my sentences starts with this word :wink:

If you want integration with the Public Switched Telephone Network a good choice would be Asterisk.

Asterisk is very good interfacing with other software. It can work with land lines or VOIP/SIP, scripted in a variety of languages and communicate in a variety of internet protocols. And yes, it runs very nicely on an RPi.

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The General stuff that siri, cortana and Google Now can do!

You know, “Turn on torch”, “turn off bluetooth”, “Mail mike”, “Install Telegram” “Send a telegram message to …” “send a text to …” “Call…” etc

More internet of things stuff like “Put my desktop in standby” “Start Pokemon via Netflix on my desktop”

And some Ubuntu specific stuff like HUD actions such as “Crop to selection” in gimp, “Find and replace … with …” in LibreOffice and how ever other apps want to use the hud, (Its convergence and I dont know any current app that uses the hud or how it uses it on touch but I know it used to be there and could be implemented again
"Search music scope for rachie" or “Search the pokedex scope for hitmonchan”

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