PHAL plugin project template

For the oh-so-many PHAL plugin devs we have, my projen projects now support PHAL! You can do both admin and standard PHAL plugins from the same command, just changing a single property in the .projenrc.json file if you want admin. Please note that you do need to explicitly enable your admin PHAL plugin after installing it or OVOS will fail to load it.

Hopefully making this available makes it easier for people to create PHAL plugins in the first place. It’s a different paradigm from Mycroft, taking over from and extending the enclosure concept. It can be very helpful and powerful when you need the plugin to do something with your hardware or simply need a place to respond to bus messages outside of a skill. Examples of PHAL plugins can be found here: OpenVoiceOS · GitHub

Enjoy! As always, please reach out with issues, questions, comments, and concerns :slightly_smiling_face: