OS recommendations

Hi, I enjoy tinkering, so I’d like to give personalised AI a try.

Which versions of Linux or Ubuntu work the best with Mycroft, please?
I think I keep installing the wrong ones and can’t get Mycroft installed.

Hey there, welcome to the Forums!

Personally I’m a Debian user, so my response is probably biased, however I’d say that any Ubuntu or Debian based OS is a good place to start.

If you run Ubuntu 20.04 you can even install the Mycroft GUI.

How have you been installing Mycroft so far and on what distributions?

Thank you very much!
I’ve tried Linux Mint, but Mycroft wouldn’t install. Now I’ve got Ubuntu 21.04 installed, but it’s glitchy and won’t recognise Snapd (my computer is possibly too old for this version).

I’ll try 20.04 as you suggested, it sounds ideal!

Hey there - the Snap is very buggy which is why it requires manual installation via the commandline - we haven’t yet officially released it.

I’d recommend using the git install as described here:

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Perfect, thank you!
I’ll install 20.04 anyway, hopefully it’ll have less problems overall and I’ll install via the instructions you shared.

I look forward to getting started!