Open Voice OS running on a Mark II with its local AI running Mistral🔥🖲️🧠

This showcase how Open Voice OS runs on the Mark II device and how it connects to a local AI powered by LLAMA with the Mistral 7B OpenOrca to answer basic questions!


Wow, great answers and response times!

Just curious, what TTS engine are you using?

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I’m using Polly with Danielle voice and the neural engine. Part of the PR I made yesterday :stuck_out_tongue:

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I don’t have an AWS access key. Is there any way to get one without giving up a credit card #?

Not that I am aware off but Polly costs are pretty low for a single end user.

Just adding a tiny information about the Local AI used in this demo, the persona defined was:

I am a helping assistant who gives very short and factual answers in maximum 40 words.