[Giveaway] WOW! Share Your Conversational AI Development for Fame and a Free Mycroft Mark I or II for Mycroft-OVos-Neon Devs and Serious Users

We’d like to show off what everyone is doing with Voice AI systems - open source of course.

Many developers have mentioned their projects to me in email, and I think the community would benefit if everyone got a chance to see what others have accomplished, and to collaborate on development projects - in particular for the Mycroft-OVos-Neon AI community, Raspberry Pi and open source conversational AI tools and personal assistant technologies.

To add incentives for posting, we’re offering a giveaway. Since I share your commitment to privacy and aversion to gimmicky stuff - this is simple.

Enter by posting about how you use, want to use and / or plan to develop voice AI tech, as a new topic in the Share Your Build thread. Include at least one picture, and a description - and videos are always cool.

FAME #1: @goldyfruit’s post here

FAME #2: @builderjer’s post here

@NeonClary will count up the posts made between now and May 1, and use a true random number generator to pick the winner and a pair of runners-up. They can send their address to clary@neon.ai. This giveaway is open to any person anywhere in the world where we can get the device delivered to them for under $100.

The winner gets their choice of a Mycroft Mark II or Mark I, new in box, with an SSD drive. Runners-up get Neon AI SSD drives.

All builds are welcome. Neon AI reserves the right not to provide entries for posts that do not meet forum standards for community contributions.


“Ideas are not like apples. If I have an apple and you have an apple, and I give you my apple and you give me your apple, we each only have one apple. But if I give you my idea and you give me your idea, we both have two ideas.”

- Questionably attributed to George Bernard Shaw, and inspiration for open source community development :slightly_smiling_face:


My goal WAS to create a ‘Health_skill’ that would input/track health data [ie. weight, exercise goals, possible body reactions to changes in diet] by using @mikejgray ‘menu-planning_skill’. I am a NOOB in skill creating, and modifying his would be a start - I think. it has the file manipulation - afaict.!!

WAS is the critical part as my current MarkII-devkit/sj201R6 is having issues ; but the USB/SDD I ordered from neon might resolve the issues.

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It’s heading your way tomorrow, and if it doesn’t get things running correctly please let me know. I have some spare parts of everything but the SJ201 boards. We’ll get you up and running again so you can dive back in :slight_smile:

Congratulations to our giveaway winner @timonvanhasselt !
Thank you for sharing your project, please email me at clary@neon.ai or message me here with your address and choice of a Mark I or Mark II.

Thank you @olzeke51 for sharing your project in a comment, I’d like to show our appreciation by sending you the runner-up prize of a premium SSD drive. I’ll refund your current order, unless you would prefer to keep it and get two.

I’m delighted to share that I’ll be able to run a second giveaway in support of community involvement. Should I broaden the focus in some way to make it more engaging, or keep it the same? This time around we’ll include it in our newsletter and I will post it on r/MycroftAI.


Well done @timonvanhasselt!! :tada: :tada:
Keep up the awesome work! :fire:


Minimy is a standalone open source VPN: GitHub - mike99mac/minimy-mike99mac: simple nlp based voice assistant framework

Most of the credit goes to Ken Smith who reduced the Mycroft-core code to a minimum. I forked his code and he’s been helping …

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