New OVOS skill: skill-randomness

Introducing the latest OVOS skill, designed to cover the use cases of 5 original Mycroft community skills: skill-randomness! GitHub - OpenVoiceOS/skill-ovos-randomness: An OVOS skill for all kinds of chance - make a choice, roll a die, flip a coin, pick between two choices, etc.

As part of an ongoing effort to migrate all relevant Mycroft skills to OVOS, this skill will help you make choices, pick numbers for you, flip a coin, predict the future, or roll any number of different dice.

We’re working out some finer details to get it up on PyPi, but it is available and tested as functional on all Mycroft hardware and older and newer versions of OVOS, as well as on the newer Neon OS versions. Contributions are welcome, as always, and we hope that you enjoy this skill and find it useful!