New Neon AI OS version released - faster and with ChatGPT available

Neon Core 23.6.8 is now released :tada:
This release brings a number of fixes and improvements, notably it implements an all-new listener module that does a lot better with handling speech start/end.

Running without wakewords is now possible, ChatGPT is available, and our own LLM is in development.

We couldn’t resist putting two Mark IIs next to each other so they could talk (using ChatGPT on both). It was tremendously entertaining, and we’re sorry we didn’t get it on video for you. Maybe someone here is a video content creator and would enjoy replicating that?

Here’s a link to an updated skills guide (downloadable, printer-friendly, PDF)

More detailed news coming soon in a full newsletter.

Check out the changelog on GitHub for more details from @NeonDaniel on the new release

Release 23.6.8 · NeonGeckoCom/NeonCore


This is great, thanks!
Quick question about update versions: according to the skills guide, there is a speech-based request you can make to “Change to beta releases”. Is there a similar command to change to alpha releases? Otherwise, how does one install an alpha release if they want to test drive one?

We have two tracks right now, pre-release (also known as beta) and release (also known as stable release). :slight_smile:

If you’d like to test drive really early features, Daniel and other devs will post testing requests on Matrix in our Testing Requests public room:

Anyone building for Neon is welcome to post requesting testing on there.

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This is great I found this here since I thought my MyCroft Mark II would go into the closest. Thank U for continuing this AI. I really like the ChatGPT add. It makes the hardware shine along with the new features and updates your team is providing. :star_struck:

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