Neon OS Release 24.4.8

Neon OS 24.4.8 is now released :tada: .

You can ask Neon on your Mark 2 to “check for updates”.

Highlighted Changes:

  • Updates to Kernel 6.1
  • Adds Node image recipe
  • Improved mitigations for GUI errors
  • Improved Orange Pi 5 support
  • Updated metadata and automation
  • Improved systemd services for predictable startup

The new neon-node image is what I used in my Neon Node Proof-of-Concept demo. It will run on a Pi4 or Pi5 currently and connect to a Neon server; more functionality there is on the way.

This is also the first release to start using a Neon OS release and updated versioning system. We wrote up a full spec in our documentation but the new version numbers will make it easier to identify specific releases and their components as we continue to add more projects :slight_smile: .