Mycroft on SteamOS

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hi all, i had an idea that i thought might be kind of cool. i was thinking it would be kind of cool, to install Mycroft on a SteamOS, linux game machine. it could be programmed to control the system, post updates to game forums ect… plus it could be set up to act as a master hub for a home, since it would be running on a media center. i was thinking it could take the gnome integration app, and plug it in to SteamOS. apparently steamOS is based on debian Linux that they are building in house. it would be cool to have a mycroft app that could be downloaded and installed from the steam store. plus it could be offered for an inexpensive price point say like $15 to $5 to buy the app. that way it would provide revenue for
just a though.

This is an awesome idea, and it’s not the first time it has come up.

I’m personally a little disappointed that the steam controller doesn’t have a microphone :smiley: We planned on looking at HTC Vive integration but have been a little too busy for that at the moment.
I do know that there was a community member working on a Team Fortress skill to switch weapons and such, but I’ve not heard about it in a bit.

Steam os is debian based, and if you do one of those custom installations to get to the underlying os, I think you could probably even download our deb packages to run Mycroft in the background.

Anyway, great ideas,


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