Multiple Pairing Codes provided for each skill

Hi - I was able to get the pairing code for the first invocation and registered/paired it against my desktop device on MyCroft Home. Was able to get response to the “what time is it” query. So far v.good.

But when I started to query for weather or other basic skills…it says it needs to be paired and provides a new pairing code!

  1. Does it require pairing code per skill…?
  2. Once paired, I assume even if we were to start or stop cli/voice/services…it should still be paired to the same device i.e. not require a new pairing code on every instance of start/stop

Since this is happening, can someone advice how to fix this or provide some learning on why this might be happening on my desktop/set-up?

Thanks a bunch.


Hello Ravi,

What version of mycroft are you running? 0.8.17 had a pairing bug but that issue was fixed. To fix you can update mycroft. 0.8.17 also has the bug of not auto updating to the latest version. Check out the post below to see how to get that fixed and your device updated!

@Mn0491 - thanks. That brought up an interesting question which I did not consider i.e. the MyCroft Core version.

I assumed that the MyCroft docs page(s) which details the process of setting up a desktop instance from source/Git, will actually get me the stable-release version (i.e. git clone…is my assumption wrong?
The readme too does not mention the version…I think we may want note that to help ourselves.

I tried looking around in the folder structures and found a version folder that has a python file part of build# 20.

Can you advise how to find the mycroft (core) desktop version? That will help me use the reference link you shared earlier that could potentially address the multiple pairing codes query.


@Ravi_Peddhibhotla If you are on the desktop version, pulling from the github masters, should get you the latest version. Build 20 does seem to be the latest version.

To answer your question from the original post,

1. No it does not require pairing code per skill
2. It should only have to be paired once.

There is an identity folder that was created when Mycroft first ran. You can find it in the ~/.mycroft/identity/ directory. If that file exist then it should need to repair.