How to update to Mycroft-Core 0.8.19 om mark1

Hi, I started playing around with the mark1. I’d like to update to Mycroft-Core 0.8.19 but don’t see any instruction how to do so. Mark1 hasn’t updated aumatically neither ( says 0.8.17).

Hello NolW, you maybe have a bug with the 0.8.17 version of the release that disable auto update. There is a skill that patches the platform

Try to say, hey mycroft... install platform patch. When installation is finished, say mycroft... platform patch. This should activate the auto update which should check and update your unit daily.

You can also manually update by typing in this command at the command line. sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install mycroft-core

Thanks for your quick response. I couldn’t get Mycroft to update through voice control, but apt-get did the trick.

apt list --installed |grep mycroft-core gives 0.8.19 now. still states 0.8.17.

@NolW Mycroft is configured to update daily at specific day in time. doing the paltform patch skill, your unit should now auto update whenever there is a new release, which is usually every 2 weeks.

It says it cant locate mycroft-core

@Barney_Woodrow Make sure you update your GPG key using the platform patch or you can input this command manually. sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys F3B1AA8B. Also make sure you do the sudo apt-get update to update the repo.

I followed those steps and got this error: E: Unable to locate package mycroft-core