Made an easy, simple interface for Mycroft Linux (Update: Star Trek interface video added)

Hello All,

I made a graphical interface for an simple bash script and some graphics, partly from the Internet, for interface for Mycroft Linux. I am fine tuning it but it all seems to work fine!
I made some themes. Star Trek, K.I.T.T, HAL9000 and J.A.R.V.iS.
The interface is animated and can be easily themed or changed!

For now it only works on Linux and it will work on RaspBerry PI too with some minor script adjustments. Note: needs and X environment.


You can see an example video below.



Video here…
Just copy the text and paste it together…

Maybe just upload it to vimeo or youtube so no need for email addresses?



Thank your for the tip…


The LCARS, Star Trek computer, interface.


:grinning: super cool who do I have to kill to get that. on which platform does it run?

Thank You :grinning:

Currently only Linux because it is just some graphics and a script. I will make an installer that will make it easy to install it on most Linux distro’s/ Once ready and tested i will post it here.


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The MyCroft K.I.T.T interface

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Added switching themes and exit interface with voice commands.

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Wait a minute, J.A.R.V.I.S. is in fact HAL!


Your are right! There are two versions of J.A.R.V.I.S , full screen and windowed…

These are awesome, can’t wait to have a play!

As noticed by malevolent. Here are the updated themes for the J.A.R.V.I.S interface

Full Screen



Here is the link to the post to download and try my script.
Remember it is very raw.

MyCroft Interface Linux program to run & try

Thanks for sharing it Bastiaan

I gave it a quick run in a VM and it all worked though I probably needed to give the VM some more resources as the gif’s were a little glitchy.

The Star Trek LCARS interface is going to be great with the “computer” wake word model that Baconator made!

It can be easily done with grep computer word
puttin logging of M.I.L. (Mycroft Interface Linux) on.

if [ `tail -1 mil.log | grep -E “^computer” ] ; then

It is of course very dirty but i use it myself already for many words…my spotify and sonos i
just say: sonos play michael jackson beat it. And it will play the song through my sonos using the noson app. It all can be programmed professional. I like Rust and Ruby…not such a great fan of Python.

BTW: Check the weather under LCARS. It is funny.

Check the weather under LCARS. It is funny.