MyCroft Interface Linux program to run & try

Hi All,

Here is the MyCroft Interface Linux for you to try. I would recommend to
read the README.REALLY file. It is really straight forward but you need some
programs like; zenity, feh and pqiv.

I would appreciate if people would give feedback my shell programming skills are
very limited.


Have Fun!

why not use github? for feedback it would make it much easier, we could open issues and submit pull requests


Good idea but i think it must first mature before doing such a thing.

I’m gonna try them.
I also strongly recommend git. It’s ideal not just for mature code, but for incipient projects as well. So on every release you won’t need to upload to somewhere manually and share the link, and we just need to do a git pull to get the latest version, besides issues threading

i only run code if i can see the source, github makes that much easier… going trough a somewhat shady website to download a .zip is a big red flag for lots of people

so it not only makes our life easier to update / watch for changes but also gives way more credibility to the project


Agreed with that. I will set up a GitHub.

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Update repository.
removed some bugs…tried to make it a little bit more optimized.
Added playing of a radio stream, only fixed url in code. you cannot change radio channel
"make some noise " and “kill noise” will activate/deactivate. It uses mplayer to play the stream.

It will be better to integrate existing api or skills then the way i do now…

ps. am i the only one having trouble to remember all these commands? i am thinking of a way to make it more “human” Like i say…can you play some music and it will ask " yes of course. what service would you like to use…radio, spotify…bla bla" and i answer “whatever play some classic” and it will just do that. Once the hot word is activated it should not longer need it for some time so it will be listing and interacting with what it hears…

I know it will be hard to make it like this but it will be so much better for communication. Anyway i will give it a try…

please use latest version. many improvements

Please use latest version. many improvements and cleaned up some mess…

12/20/2019 Latest Update:

Added opening website and search on google. I only enabled it for the J.A.R.V.I.S windowed theme or the NO INTERFACE theme. Just say: “open website blabla” and a browser window, or if already open TAB, will open the website. Also you can say: “google blabla” and it will open a browser. or if already open TAB, and do a automatically google search for blabla.

Added streaming radio. This is for now fixed for 2 channel. If you say “make some noise” it will open KISS FM (mainly dance) and if you say “make some love” it will open some love music station. You can add any station you like in the main script file.

Added opening LibreOffice. say “write letter” and it will open the main menu of LibreOffice. It looks for /usr/bin/libreoffice if it does not exist it will not work.

This should be done better through skills but i did not read into to them. I will try to re-write the M.I.L as a skill. Currently all skills you install will still function when running M.I.L however.

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Hello All,

First of all, all the best for 2020!

I had some extra time and decided to start to recode M.I.L into Python.
I used Python 3.7 -latest.

I am not finished yet but i made some good progress.

Added a front end to test mycroft-speak

I will later upload the scripts on GitHub.



Bumping this back up as I would like to try this out on mycrift mark 2. Would it be possible?

Extremely doubtful without a lot of work. Neon and OVOS support alternative GUIs now, but they need to speak a protocol that didn’t exist in 2020.

Thanks! Any chance you know how to create a new theme or where in the code it sits? I am not a great programmer but with a bit of patience do get by with typesetting HTML and CSS.

Looks like mycroft had this:

OVOS is dramatically expanding our GUI system, but actual frontend support is last to arrive. The existing GUI is QML-based, which is a bit different, but popular enough I assume it must be manageable (I confess I haven’t really touched Qt since college, myself.) The code lives here and do let us know here or on Matrix if you encounter any difficulty. I assume the theme and theme-legacy directories are both informative. OVOS is between QML developers, so it’s a tough moment to answer this one.

It’s likely that you will encounter chatter about parallel development of other UIs, but we haven’t settled on our future catalog or even begun prototyping.

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