"I'm connected to the internet and need to be activated"

I plugged in my mark 1 today and followed the setup instructions but Mycroft keeps repeating every minute: “I’m connected to the internet and need to be activated, register me at home.mycroft.ai with the code XXXXXX”.

I did activate it and see it in my devices list on the home.mycroft.ai. He answers questions such as “what’s the time?” so is connected fine… but it gives the time in the USA, not the UK even though I entered my location on the web-console.

After waiting a while, I deleted the device from the website, and re-activating with a new code. Same result. All seems to work except it just keeps repeating “I’m connected to the internet and need to be activated…”

Any advice about what I can do to help him understand he is activated?

OK, the solution was easy, hold the button for 2s and then choose reboot. When he comes back he doesn’t repeat the activation message anymore. Winner winner chicken dinner.

I have a suggestion: when the setup procedure is finished it would be handy if Mycroft verbally says to hold it’s button for 2s to get a menu because I only discovered this after Googling around a bit. To be fair, it’s in the setup booklet loud and clear, but somehow because he was so helpful verbally, I never looked at the booklet and assumed it was all going to be handled via audio.

You may have a bug if you are on version 0.8.17. That version may also precent mycroft from auto updating. Below is a post on how to get your mycroft updated.

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Hi, thank you for the advice. Yes I was on 0.8.17 and I did: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install mycroft-core which gave me 0.8.20. Good stuff.

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Glad I can be of some help. If you also want for your device to be able to auto update when new releases are out (we do bi weekly releases), you can do the platform patch skill mentioned in that post, or manually input this command in the command line sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys F3B1AA8B.