I Want to Make Your Skill

Do you have an idea for a skill? Well, I have good news, I am experienced with Python, want to learn more about Mycroft, and am extraordinarily bored. If there is any skill you want, please say, and I will try to make it.


Generous offer. :slight_smile: How about a skill that allows an interface to my Shark Ninja (Roomba clone by Shark)

I really need to learn python… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just pick one from the Skill Suggestions forum.


Second what @j1nx said!


Make a skill that will allow the integration of more voices!

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What I really miss is a skill I would call: ‘what can I say?’

Then Mycroft would ask ‘regarding what skill?’

Then you would either say: ‘the last used’, ‘a specific skill’ or ‘I don’t know’ (the last one Mycroft would ask you if you would like to hear the list of skills)

Furthermore, I think it would be nice if you could ask Mycroft to repeat the last thing she said…

Lastly I would really be interested in being able to ask Mycroft to tell me the ‘state’ of devices/entities in my Home Assistant setup (but probably this could already be achieved?)

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I saw this skill a few days ago which can list some commands accepted by a specific skill (I haven’t tested it though).

And this skill should enable repeating the last response.


Take a look at my help skill, that is exactly what it is for.


I installed the help-skill, would be awesome tho if you could say: ‘what can I say’ to trigger it atop of the other ‘triggers’…


I can definitely do that :+1:. I have not played with that skill in a while, definitely time for an update. I will likely add a web setting to enable or disable help on fallback skills. Let me know if anything else can make it better.

Hi we are developing a project of a humanoid robot with mycroft skills.
We would like to create this skill: tweet this message and the robot says ok, and after you say the message and the robot tweets it

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a skill that monitors for smoke alarm noises and emails or texts you and sounds another alarm


thats one of the best offers i ve ever heard of… so i would love to have the skill of being able to add commands such as sentences that trigger answers and behaviours… such as - I say - where are my keys - and the AI is responding with (annoyed phrases ) statements that I can add …

moreover i would love to have a simple mp3 player that reads files from a usbdrive and plays them if i say the names


Could you look at fixing the MedlinePlus Medical Skill? People can search medlineplus.gov for basic health information. The files are at

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I got this one! I think this would be a cool skill too, I will add it to my todo list. ie: usb-music-player-skill :musical_note:

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I just recently happened by an interesting linux Game Server Manager project: https://linuxgsm.com/
It appears to provide a somewhat standardized CLI interface to a few popular games’ dedicated servers.
I think it would be pretty cool to have some kind of Mycroft interface to a GSM installation. Because of the compute power necessary, I am not proposing that GSM be installed on Mycroft, but on a separate server. Therefore, I presume this would have to be done over SSH or something like that, and the skill would have to gracefully handle the mediation. But wouldn’t it be great to:
“hey mycroft, start up the terraria server.”
“hey mycroft, how many players are connected to the terraria server?”
“hey mycroft, stop the terraria server.”
“hey mycroft, update the minecraft server.”
settings.json file would probably include the server dns name or ip, a place to insert or specify an ssh key, and specify supported games for GSM to manage.

I believe it would be very useful if you could make an inventory system skill, this is what I mean by that: I could ask “Mycroft where is X item?” and Mycroft would say on shelf 72 (or whatever), or I could say “Mycroft store Y item on shelf 23” and then go back and say “Mycroft where is Y item?” and Mycroft would say “on shelf 23”, I think you get the idea. as for setting the shelves, you would say “Mycroft add location shelf 99” (or you know). And remove items by saying “Mycroft remove Z item from shelf 11”.

So to summarize, you could add locations, and items to a location, check where an item is, or remove an item from a location.

If you like my idea and make it, thank you very much.

I would like to give this a go. I will keep you appraised.

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Check out https://github.com/renayo/inventory-skill.git

This can be done pretty easily, but I think you need a dev-level Twitter account (which is straight-forward to get). Let me know if, after that, you are still interested.