Testing and Feedback for Help-Skill

How to install HELP SKILL

  • Install HELP SKILL by …

  • HELP SKILL Services …

    • The HELP SKILL will retrieve a list of installed skills by collecting all the skill directories in the skills folder.
    • When “more” help is requested for the listed skill, examples will be provided by retrieving the utterance from the README.md file in the skills folder.
    • This skill will only work if the README.md file adheres to the format laid out in the Mycroft Skill Description Tool as it uses this format to determine the skill examples.

How to test HELP SKILL

Since this is a help skill, it should be easy to test.

  • Install the skill
  • Speak help
  • Mycroft should begin a conversational dialog to provide you more skill information as well as directing the conversation


  • Todo - Should be able to directly request help on any requested skill by name

Direct feedback on HELP SKILL via this forum

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Tested on my Mark 1.
Installed via msm over ssh
I was able to say ‘help’ and my Mycroft started to tell me about the skills I have installed. I was able to say ‘next’, ‘more’, and ‘search’ as expected. All functionality I tested worked. :+1:

One interesting note about the skills this skill discovered is that it appeared to not find all the skills. The skill reported 6 skills installed. However if I run msm list there is well over 20 skills installed.

@sampsonight, Thanks for testing. I have not done much development on this recently but definitly on my ToDo list. I originally wanted to only include the non-core skills but rethinking this recently as eventually many of the “third party” skills may become core skills. I expect this is why you only had 6 skills returned. If you have any suggestions on making the interaction more intuitive feel free to let me know.
Thanks again.

That makes sense. Some way to know that the list is filtered would be good. A response like “There are 6 custom skills, to learn about core skills say core…”. I’m just making up a sentence here, but this would inform the user that the list is filtered.
When/if you get the itch to work on this skill more feel free to ping me for additional validation/testing :slight_smile:

No problem, Thanks for the tip. I currently have my head wrapped in my kodi-skill that I have recently broke.
Having some issues still with conversation context with set_context and remove_context giving me fits.:exploding_head:

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I have updated the help skill to include any skills that are not a fallback skill so you should get a good list now.
The search function works pretty well too.
Let me know how you make out.