Dictionnary, mycroft.conf directories


As a newbie I am doing my own experience using Picroft, Google AI Voice kit, and PuTTY and Linux and … Python.

I am working to configure Mycroft to handle French as you can read my accent thanks to Mycroft AI documentation.. But my questions are not limited to this language.

Why modifying mycroft.conf in mycroft-core directories and not in the user environment (/home/pi/…) which is the last read by Mycroft ?

About fr.dict, the instructions are to copy the file from usr directories to mycroft-core. From the Note below However, it is normal to add words to the fr.dict , and copying means the original file is unchanged, and you are working with a copy. Later, when checking the Wake Word, the directory where the egrep is done is not shown. No help from there.

In which fr.dict file to add a word : in mycroft-core directories or usr/local/… directories ?

I have a lot to learn from your answers.


Hi there @henridbr, welcome - it’s great to have you here.

Regarding mycroft.conf - this file doesn’t exist in the user environment on Picroft due to the way file permissions work on Picroft.

Regarding the fr.dict file - unfortunately I don’t know - but we do have a French language community at https://chat.mycroft.ai/community/channels/language-fr who may be able to assist.

Thank you KathyReid,

Best regards

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