A legend in his own mind


By day, I’m a mild-mannered (or ill-mannered) programmer for a local university. By nights and weekends, I don my costume – the T shirts and jeans I usually wear all the time anyway – and go out doing battle with the forces of proprietary software / hardware / technologies as “The Ubuntourist”. :wink:

In my checkered, striped and polka-dotted past, I’ve served as the team contact for the Ubuntu DC Local Community (a.k.a. “LoCo”), the annual organizer for Software Freedom Day and other gatherings, a co-host of the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) Learning Club, and am currently avoiding responsibility as one of the at large directors of HacDC (“The Capital’s Hackerspace”).

I was an early backer of the Mycroft, having pledge in August 2015. I also got lucky and managed to get in on the very first batch of Raspberry Pi’s when they launched. That said, I’m all thumbs when it comes to projects where I have to be concerned with analog electronics at all. Slowly getting better at it, though… I hope.


Glad to have you with us. I have always been fond of the One Laptop Per Child program. Noble cause.

There is always something to be done, even for those who are all thumbs, myself included.

Glad you stuck around. It is really starting to get exciting. Your Mark 1 is learning fast and will only continue to get better and more handy.


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