Yet Another Question About Precise (YAQAP)

I have yet another question about precise, I hope this is the correct channel. I using the pre-trained model computer. I have the 3 files computer-en.pb, computer-en.pb.params, computer-en.pbtxt in the ~/.mycroft/precise/ directory and my user mycroft config file has “local_model_file”: “~/.mycroft/precise/computer-en.pb”, but after it all it complains that Warning: Failed to load parameters from /home/vstubbs/.mycroft/precise/computer-en.pb.params but the file is there and the permissions, owner, and group are correct. I have set the “sensitivity”: 0.8,“trigger_level”: 1 which should mean it would triggered by a cricket in the next county, but nothing, so why won’t it load that file, and all those other files in the archive do the need to be unpacked in the directory structure indicated or is that just for further training. Sorry to be a bother

(copied from responses to this in chat):
There’s a ~wake-word channel for precise stuff usually.
The warning isn’t a big deal.
What version of precise did you train with, and which version are you running?

My apologizes I did not know about the wake-word channel I will direct my questions there, again I’m so sorry