Yelp Skill | Something like JASPER Yelp module

Hi All,

I recently start exploring Mycroft and I am trying to replicate JASPER’s Yelp module in Mycroft:

All the skill example I have come across so far are command type . User says something and Mycroft responds and communication ends. There is no continuous two-way communication. I want to do something like this in Mycroft with the help of Google and Yelp API:

User: Mycroft please find restaurant
Mycroft: Near By?
User: No
Mycroft: do you want to me to find a restaurant in a particular area
User: “Shops at Legacy, Plano”
Mycroft: How about restaurant A at Legacy Drive

Please some one share example skill with continuous conversation like above. And how do i capture what user is saying for example “Shops at Legacy, Plano”. It is a geographic location and user can say anything I need capture it in script so that I can pass it to Yelp or Google API. In jasper there is a mic.activeListen() function that return text of whatever user is saying. what is equivalent of that in Mycroft? I understand for "Yes’ and “No” response I can fix possible responses (VOCAB) from user but not for a geographic location.


Thank you for sharing this. I will explore the context. But could you please answer how to capture “utterance”, “Shops at Legacy, Plano” in my example.

Hi Bharat,

Have you already had a look at the Conversational Context documentation?

For something like asking where the user would like you to search, the get_response() method is perfect. Unfortunately our documentation for that isn’t great yet but there are also examples on github from other skills if you do some searching.