Will Mycroft work for this use case?


Will Mycroft be able to fit my use case? I was using Alexa but have scrapped it due to privacy concerns, however, I did enjoy the processes. The main function I want is like Alexa’s ‘routines’.

  1. Either program by text and convert to speech, or record via voice, a custom message.
  2. Set times.
  3. Play the various messages on schedule at the various times.

IE: I have it play a custom message at wake up each day, speak a reminder to go to bed, announcement when it’s noon each day.

I looked at the documentation and it sounds like #1 and #2 are out of the box functionality, at least the voice recording. But what about #3? And can I give it typed in text for it to convert to the announcements?

These would mainly be messages I set once/occasionally, and then have playing at the same time each day.

Thanks! I’m happy to have found a potential, privacy respecting alternative.


Hey there - welcome to the Forums!

The best option for this at the moment is this Skill by a long term contributor:

I believe it does everything you’ve described. But if not, what you’ve described is certainly possible to create.

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