Wifi MAC address keeps changing

The MAC address keeps automatically changing on every reboot.

Raspberry PI 4B+ 64-bit

Fresh picroft image:
** Picroft enclosure platform version: Buster Keaton - Pork Pi
** mycroft-core: 20.2.4 ( master )

I found a similar issue happening with Network-Manager installed, but I don’t see that it is present on Picroft:
(.venv) pi@picroft:~ $ nmcli -bash: nmcli: command not found
Anyone having this issue?

Hi there, welcome to Mycroft!

I just checked the MAC addresses of a Picroft with ifconfig, rebooted, and re-ran ifconfig and got the same addresses again.

What method are you using to fetch your MAC address? and is this for ethernet or wifi?

Thanks for checking this.
I have multiple wifi APs and I’ve noticed it only happens on wifi and only when the Pi connects to a different wifi AP.
I use my router DHCP table to read the MAC though I tried using ifconfig as well

I suspect now some of my TP-LINK APs are modifying the MAC address. Thank you for your help. If I get to a conclusion it has something to do with Picroft I’ll report back here

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