WiFi Light Control

New to mycroft(picroft). I see there is a skill for Philips Hue lights but are there any other skills or in progress work for WiFi lights? I ditched my Hue products(because I hated that hub) or strictly WiFi bulbs from TPLInk.

oops miss read your post but I leave this post in just incase someone find it usefull- but i checked you can control several brands of wifi bulbs via domoticz. which you can control with mycroft

philips hue bulbs are zigbee- the same like Ikea Bulbs just use Zigbee2mqtt then you can use Domoticz or home assistance to control your bulbs via mycroft or get Mycroft to control them directly if you create the skill-- you can install domoticz( very light weight )… and zigbee2mqtt on your picroft directly or you can build your own zigbee hub router using openwrt… here are my directions I posted on the openwrt forum… ( you can use the same info on the page to setup on your picroft)

if you like I probably could produce the skill that mycroft handles them directly via zigbee2mqtt… but really using domticz has it has a nice interface for Zigbee device connection and manipulation already the skill would be more manual input of device ids

install and set up time less then an hr depending on your proficiency

okay good luck have fun