Why the Mycroft account?

I’m looking for a substitute for the Google Home devices and came over the Mycroft project which is looking promising. The only “red flag” I’ve noticed is that it seems everything is managed centrally through Mycrofts servers.

“To create an account, visit home.mycroft.ai. Mycroft Home is where you manage your devices and install new Skills.”

Does this mean I MUST connect my Mycroft AI device to some account in order to manage it from a web interface?

What I am looking for is something self hosted that I control 100%.

I may have just gotten this wrong, so I hope someone can explain to me how a software designed to be private still requires an account at some site through which I have to access it?

Thanks for any answers :slight_smile:

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The short answer is that the backend can be self-hosted, and there’s more than one community solution to just not using it if you don’t need a web UI.

As for “why,” hardly any consumers are in a position to self-host anything. If there’s going to be a web UI for managing their devices, it’s gonna have to be hosted for them.

imo one of the best things about the Mycroft community is that, broadly speaking, you can self-host as many or as few components as you want, even if you’re swapping out things like the STT and TTS systems for options that aren’t supported by the company.


I will let someone “official” explain why its needed

as for HOW not to need it

thanks for the awesome information.