Why so many requests while idle?

I recently started leaving my Mark 1 online at all times and I noticed a big increase in network traffic to my pi-hole setup from the device even while idle. During the middle of the night it’s making hundreds of calls to api.mycroft.ai an hour.

Is there a reason for this level of frequent calls? I assume it’s checking for updates, etc.?

It’s primarily checking for skills setting updates etc. System updates from memory are scheduled for once per day.

We have also been tweaking the backend services over the last few weeks in preparation for the new home.mycroft.ai and I know this caused some unexpected behaviour last night in particular, so there may have been more requests than usual.

In a few weeks when we have fully deployed the new Home, I’d be very interested to hear how the network traffic compares.

When the update goes out I’ll be ready to compare :slight_smile:

I currently am seeing ~30,000 requests in a normal 24 hour period.