Why our Investors are more than Dollar Signs

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Almost halfway there!!!Mycroft builds AI for everyone, and we want to give anyone the ability to invest in AIWith 490 new Investors and counting, we thought we would give you a little update on the process of the Title III offering over at StartEngine. Since we started this process we have been set on welcoming 1000 new Investors to our company. We want passionate people looking to participate in the fastest growing industry. People who know that business models based in marketing and spying aren’t the way to win. The opportunity to invest in AI and voice has never been better.

Our goal from the beginning was to get the real cheerleaders on the bus, and ensure that we only attract people with the passion to join us. I can overwhelmingly say that this process has been a success in that regards. Not only do we have more cheerleaders for Mycroft, we have more diversity. Diversity leads to innovation, and innovation - for us at least - means that we push new technology out into the world for others to use and expand upon. Things like Mimic2, the new TTS that Michael and Keith worked on, or Precise that Matthew and Mikhail created. We’re especially proud of the work that the Community has done on Skills, facial recognition, Skill routines, and even the start of some work in solving dementia and Alzheimer’s from Really.ai.

So what else can our Investors and Community members do to cheerlead? Well there is a lot, but since this is one of the most common questions I get, here are a few:

  1. Spread the word about Mycroft. Whether that is a conversation with friends or just a post about why you joined up to be part of this company.
  2. Developers can build Skills and even contribute to the core code. Thanks to Kathy, there is great documentation found here.
  3. Help us by Opting-In to build out our Machine Learning. If you log into home.mycroft.ai you will be able to help us by going here, and clicking “I agree” at the bottom. Want to know what we use it for? Head over to the “Tagging” tab on home.mycroft.ai and see what we are doing. Go ahead and see if you can knock someone off the leaderboard while you are there.
  4. Record a video of you using Mycroft. We love to share out our Community doing cool things with the software. I am personally really excited to see the next releases of how to wake up your devices without using your voice.

Quote from StartEngine:

Thanks for your email Joshua - very much appreciated - and it's precisely this personalised approach that attracted me to the opportunity to invest in Mycroft.

Firstly, you probably don’t remember but you gave me a very respectful and personalised response to my newbie questions before I took the plunge into the Mycroft Kickstarter Project. I was actually really pleasantly surprised by that. That got me off to a good start and so when the opportunity to invest in the company came around I looked at it and then thought ‘Why not’?

Secondly, it’s not often that the opportunity comes around to invest in a technology company at a price I can afford, particularly from Australia.

Lastly, but really importantly, I genuinely believe in the technology and would like to see it succeed, up against the big boys. While I’m older and no technology expert, I just have niggling doubts about the Google and Apple platforms. With data ownership, data privacy and data security becoming such issues generally I feel your approach is a very important alternative for us all, into the future.

Congratulations and I’m really thrilled to be along for the ride!

There is less than a month left to be a part of this journey with us! Help us reach our goal of 1000 diverse, passionate, and excited Investors in Mycroft AI.

Invest now!