Why mimics ( mycroft_voice ) not sounding as same as in the video?

I have been trying all the voices shipped with the latest version on github.
All the voices i have tried were disappointing. In the video mycroft were sounding so friendly and excited unlike mimic.

Here is how it sounds in ubuntu 16.04
Sarah, it is time to wake up.

Here is the command i used;

./bin/mimic -t “Sarah, it is time to wake up.” -voice voices/mycroft_voice_4.0.flitevox

There is only one things works so good. It is mimic_time. Works amazing!

Thank you for your effort :slight_smile:

Probably there is difference with ssml and straig sentences. But it is still so robotic…
By the way is ssml a standart or do you have your own definition of ssml ?

Missed this thread.

Can using a kind of configuration file like ssml make such a huge difference?

Did anyone succeed to use such a file with mimic to improve the sounding?