Why do I have to update skills manually?

I use mycroft in german. German is often behind English. I often experience that skills simply fail because they do not have the latest version despite the update. that means to me, whenever a skill fails in the skill folder and either the right brunch or just git pull is done manually. often the skills work then. does anyone have an idea how I get that solved.

Hi Andreas,

Do you modify files for these Skills locally, eg the German vocab files?

I think this would be the most likely cause for it not updating as we don’t want to overwrite local changes that people are making.

Does it happen on all Skills or just those that have been edited in some way?

No i have a Device without file change. This is a old updated System. I have git status before and there are no problems on standart skill update. If a update my system from 18.08 to 19.02 the default skills won’t update to 19.02.

thanks for help.

So is this system still running 18.08 or you mean that after the update to 19.02 they stopped updating automatically?

practically all my devices have been in use for years now and are now automatically updated.

  1. if I increase the core version changes the skill brunch, if available?
  2. if i understood it correctly, the exact version of the skills will be defined via mycroft-skills. is there a possibility for a nightly build that updates the skills immediately without the official approval process.
  3. Mycroft has become very big. It is not easy not to lose the overview. currently I have problems that skills fail because dependencies are not automatically installed example Speedtest. I reinstall the skill, everything works again.
  1. Correct, if you update to 19.02 it will use the 19.02 branch of the mycroft-skills repo.
  2. Correct, Skills are included in the mycroft-skills repo as submodules which locks them at a specified commit. This ensures that we have reviewed the code being loaded onto devices and prevents a Skill author changing the code and pushing that out to devices. If you want to install the absolute latest version of a skill you can use:
    mycroft-msm --latest install https://github.com/author/skill-repo
    This will install from the latest commit on the master branch, but this has most likely not been reviewed or tested by the Skill Testing Team.
  3. That’s something we’d want to investigate if dependencies aren’t being installed when a Skill updates. However if you are using mycroft-core 18.08 there are a lot of significant updates that haven’t been applied and we are not able to provide that level of support for previous versions.

that with the update on 19.02 then did not work for me virtually all skills were still on 18.02. thanks for the help with --latest. the global for all skills to make. since I usually have over 30 skills