Why am I not getting any responses from mycroft-cli-client?

I had to add the tts.mimic.path key to the config file (mimic shouldn’t be necessary for text communication on the command line, but oh well), but finally I’m able to start mycroft-cli-client with nothing worse than warnings. However, when I respond to the Input: prompt with “register”, “help”, or anything else for that matter, I don’t see or hear anything (except for another Input: prompt). Am I doing something wrong? Is my netbook too weak to run MyCroft?

Hi, i might be wrong, but cli is not for receiving back anything, aka output, but only input. In my tests, using cli as input i saw the output in skill service, so i was using 2 windows to connect to each service. Or even better in the voice service.
But if you say you don’t hear also anything, i don’t know…