Whole house audio with multiple picrofts

Hello all,

I have searched “remote microphones” or “satellite microphones” and came to the conclusion that its beyond the effort I want to put into it.

My house already has wired speakers throughout the house and I have one input from a high end receiver in the living room. Lets say you have a picroft in each room but want audio output only from the picroft that is hooked up to said receiver? Is this possible?


@specsix, Welcome aboard! Are you looking to have mycroft speak to those various locations or have mycroft send audio (ie music) to those various locations?
If you can wait for @j1nx to release his latest MycroftOS with built in Snapcast that will likely provide you with a solid “maybe” :thinking: on what your are looking for.

Thanks for the reply. I want any picroft with a microphone in any room to capture the request, but only want the picroft that is attached to the receiver to output. I dont want the picroft that captured the voice to respond through audio - just the one that has its 3.5mm output connected to the receiver.

I read in this forum that it might be possible via Pulse Audio turning a stream into mic input - that might be the way to go.

Thanks for the link…checking out now.

There might be something that can be done to utilize my Mesh-Skill, or @JarbasAl Hive mind.

Hive Mind

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Thank you…that looks very promising!

Great, if you have any specific requests on the Mesh-Skill that could complete your setup and make the skill even better don’t hesitate to let me know. Good Luck!

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There is also just multi-room audio controlled by a mycroft.

The Pi Audio out is a bit sucksville as it can be weird and at times disort badly.
Not sure if it audio frequency played, sample rate or conversion but it can definately get to Uuurgh! levels.
You can bluetooth it to a relatively cheap reciever and BT5.0 coverage is actually quite good now.
But getting a good setup and Pi in each room can be quite costly.

I am still waiting for one of these as with a cheap amp thinking they might be quite awesome for cost.

Its definately not raspbian, but if I or some other does manage to hack around with images and the limited documentation available they could be great little devices due to the embedded codec.