Who communicate with picroft?

Ubuntu 16.04.2


I’m a student in Paris and i’m sorry for my bad level in english.

I wanted to speak with Mycroft but i haven’t any response. I have install VirtualBox and Ubuntu 16.04.2.

After, i have follow the documentation but at the time to speak with Mycroft,
I did not have any answer.
So I would have liked to be able to continue to create skills at Mycroft.
I am at this point on Ubuntu and I would like to know how I do to continue :

I hope to make it clear. It may be my language skills that made me miss a step?

Good Day and thanks you for your attention ! :slight_smile:


It looks like Mycroft is running. You do have a microphone and speaker working, correct?

One thing you can try to make sure Mycroft is working is switch to the cli.


screen -list

and then re-attach the screen that has the cli running so you can interact with it

screen -r <the correct screen for the cli>

Let me know if that helps

Hey Karl !

Yes, i have a microphone and speaker correct,I have test this on Skype.

I followed your advice and here is what Mycroft refers to me :

But I still have no answers…

May be a configuration error ?

Thanks for your help !

Hey Stan,

It looks like Mycroft is working. It also looks like you have multiple instances up at one time. Can you shut a few of those down? (We’re working on making that not possible)

You might need to configure Mycroft to use your correct output. This forum thread might help:

I’ll also try to replicate some to see what you’re seeing.