White Noise Contest

I’m excited to announce our white noise contest. The rules are simple:

  1. Pick an awesome/unique place to sample 30 seconds of audio ( remember it will loop so it is better to have the start and end sound as much alike as possible ).
  2. Sample 30 seconds of sound.
  3. Shoot a picture of the location.
  4. Submit the sound, picture, location and any stories here in the forums.

At the end of the contest we’ll select the best sample based on a secret formula that takes into account picture quality, uniqueness of the location and the quality of the sound for use in our white noise skill.

Please be aware - to have your sample considered for distribution in the white noise skill you’ll need to make sure it is licensed under creative commons or similar.

The winner gets a free Mark I mailed to them. Employees are not eligible for the prize, but may participate in the competition. Here are a couple examples I made over the past couple of months.


Here is an example ( made into a YouTube video by the AWESOME Aura Escobar ).

This audio was sampled at Black Sand Beach near Vik Iceland. The beach is made of volcanic rock that is pitch black. Incoming waves have washed the rocks smooth.

From time to time this site gets a rouge wave that sweeps tourists out to sea. There have been multiple fatalities at this site.

This particular photo was shot at ( 63.404061, -19.050143 ) while the sound itself was sampled at ( 63.401204, -19.036336 ) which is actually under water at high tide.

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Here is another example:

This sound was sampled at the Reykjadalur Hot Spring Thermal River. This is a site located at ( 64.047285, -21.221346 ) about 2 miles north of Hveragerði.

At this site the water is a balmy 90 deg f and you can strip down and sit in the river to enjoy the naturally hot spring water.

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This sample was taken inside the canyon waterfall at Gljufrabui ( 63.620933, -19.986465 ) in southern Iceland.

Water has carved a long cave like slot in the west face of the plateau. To see the waterfall you walk into the cavern ( being careful not to get too wet ) and up onto a rock in the middle of the pond.

Is is beautiful and LOUD, but will make a soothing white noise at night time.

Twitter - https://twitter.com/mycroft_ai
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/aiforeveryone/

I’m surprised that there haven’t been any submissions! I know that you’re looking for natural sounds but I figured I would send this anyway. Here are two variations loops I whipped up by processing pink noise in different ways. If they’re not to your liking I might swing by the lake near me and record a loop there.

A photo of my workstation would not that exciting, so here’s a photo I took in some caves. I don’t remember where it was taken, I just remember passing through it on the way to Alabama.

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No one has submitted because we don’t get out at all LOL!
Seriously though I go from upstairs, to main floor to my basement with computers on every floor. I don’t get out. Oh and I take the kids and pick them up from school. I’m busy… How long is this contest anyways? I really do have a good idea for something I could take. I don’t know if I would win but it is a cool place and it is close to me…

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@gmoe great submission :slight_smile:

@Johnny5 I think you still have time to! let’s see what you got

Hi! This contest sounds fun- awesome prize set aside, even. Is there a deadline for submission?

I really like that. Nice.

Here is my submission. It is 47 seconds. I can redo a correct 30 second one. I liked the area and the white noise.