Which TTS (Text-To-Speech) are you using (poll inside)?

I raised the question few weeks ago on the chat and @JarbasAl suggested to do it on forum so here I am!

What’s your TTS dear community!? :heart_eyes:

  • Mimic1
  • Mimic2
  • Google Translate
  • Amazon Polly
  • IBM Watson
  • eSpeak
  • Mary
  • FA
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Bing
  • Mozilla
  • Coqui
  • Responsive
  • SpdSay
  • Yandex
  • Larynx

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Let me know if you are using a TTS that is not listed in this poll, I’ll update it (if I can).


@gez-mycroft (or anybody else) would you be against having this topic pinned?

Yeah for sure, I’ve pinned it globally for at least two weeks. Interesting to see the diversity of responses already!


@gez-mycroft Is it possible to add Mimic3 in the list?
I don’t have the edit button anymore to do it myself.

Hmm, there’s a hard block in Discourse that prevents changing the poll options after the first 5 minutes…

I’m sure there would be a way around it but don’t know how deep I’d have to go.

Is it worth doing these as snapshots of particular points in time anyway?
eg close this at some point, and do a new poll in Jan 2023 to see what has changed.

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Works for me, thanks @gez-mycroft !

PicoTTS, because it uses few resources, sounds rather natural, and can include audio via SSML (albeit using a <play> tag instead of <audio>).

I use this (with a bash script) to read the X clipboard, ebooks, and with Home Assistant. Wish I could switch to Mycroft/Mimic 3 but need the <audio> feature.

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Maybe a new poll could be nice with the arrival of Mimic 3 and PicoTTS which is missing.