Which speech engine?

Which speech engine is used by mycroft to convert speech to text?

Is there a difference between python SpaCy and Mycroft?

Thank You

By default (anonymized) Google-STT service is used, but you can change to a local STT-service if you want (e.g. Kaldi, Coqui-STT, …)

SpaCy is a NLU toolset (natural language understandig) which offers intent parsing which takes place after the STT process. Mycroft uses its own developed intent parsers Padatious and Adapt.

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Thank you for the answers. :slightly_smiling_face: Did I understand correctly that mycroft can also do NLP? So symmantic understanding? Is it possible to marry SpaCy to Mycroft or does it make little sense?

Many thanks for the help

I think it should be possible to build intent parsers similar to Adapt/Padatious with SpaCy, but I can not see any advantage.

Many thanks for your answer. I assume that the myCroft NLP module is just as good as SpaCy. I hope so, at least