Where would I change the account accessed from a connected keyboard and mouse?

The default user is of course “Pi”. I’ve created a new user with the same privileges as Pi, and now I would like to remove user Pi. What config file to I need to edit to get my Mark I to boot into a different user with the mouse and keyboard directly connected? BTW, I also had the problem with nothing on the monitor until I did Apt-get update & upgrade and reboot. Thanks Kate, a post of your’s from last fall helped me resolve that, I was figuring it was a permissions problem on the mycroft user account.

@FiftyOneFifty no idea on this question, although @forslund might have some pointers - we definitely don’t have any pre-canned documentation on this I’m afraid.

KathyReid - From this post Picroft with GUI , I learned that I can use raspi-config to change the local login to challenge mode (i.e., you are prompted for username/password. You can also make the local session boot into a GUI, should you wish to install one.


Hi @FiftyOneFifty Seems like you’ve found what you’re looking for. let me know if there’s still unanswered questions!

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