Where to get CLI log paste

Hey everybody,

I’m new to mycroft and I’d like to know how coul I have a copy of my CLI debug console. I’m using mycroft on raspberry not linked to any computer so maybe it’s saved in the SDcard ?

Thank anyone,

Logs are stored in /var/log/mycroft/.

You’d need to connect to the command line (SSH or hook up a monitor/keyboard) to get to them.

The other option if you can’t SSH in for any reason is to say:

Hey Mycroft, create a support ticket

This packages up your logs, uploads them to 0x0.st and emails you a link.

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Hey guys thank you for your answers !

I didn’t thought about SSH because I’m new to this. And using a keyboard / screen to the Pi would’nt let me copy and paste them if I need.

I’ll surely try ssh and I thing it will do the job !

Thank’s all !