Where to find picroft image

the github picroft image’s link doesn’t download the image file. I believe the image file location has changed.

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i have an .img file of picroft
it is 5.1 G - I think Gmail will let me attach it to email

That won’t work as it requires mycroft servers, no point in running picroft nowadays since servers are gone

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Is there a way to host the voice assistant on my pi itself and make it work offline without the need of their servers?

Yep - this is how OVOS is designed! Check out the link @goldyfruit shared. OVOS is backwards-compatible with Mycroft but has a couple years more updates

I actually installed OVOS on my pi and i can invoke it with the wakeup sentence “hey, Mycroft” but in the logs I see it sends my inquiry to some backend so when I disconnect my Ethernet, it doesn’t interact with me when I try to invoke it again with the wakeup sentence.

by default OVOS uses a list of public servers from trusted members of the community, these have a GPU and can run larger models than we could offline

but you can self host, or run fasterwhisper directly on device, for a raspberry pi this means 5-10 seconds of extra latency between responses and you would need to use a small model instead of the large one, so there are trade offs


Thank you @JarbasAl this is what I was looking for.

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hey @JarbasAl

I made this example on how to use the faster-whisper api, it’s awesome and straight forward. take a look: GitHub - lamoboos223/demo-faster-whisper: This code is an example on how to use the faster whisper api offline on your machine

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Can i get the image file and is it work now?

never used it, no support servers available per this thread’s info.
‘amazeke’ at the mail server ‘proton.me’ if you want me to attempt to send it