Where is the soul of Mycroft

Sorry for the unclear subject, but I would like to understand if I can clone/recreate my old MARK 1, let me be more clear…

My MARK 1 died on me at the latest update, I needed to get a new sdcard and “burned” the prod img to it. That of course generated a new MARK 1.
So in my mycroft.home.ai I now have 2 devices (even I have only one physical).

The sdcard from the previous I can still view in my computer (so probably it’s just the booting part that has become damaged…) So can I SSH into my current image and copy all relevant info on to my new sdcard and by that way get my “old” MARK 1 alive? (I miss him, all the skills I installed, and the setting added and his English skills was also much clearer:-) )…

So can I copy the soul of my “VIGGO” (the name my children give it…) to the heart and brain of my MARK 1 reborn … And in that case how do I do that (I’m kind of a rookie in the SSH world…)

And then for the future… I have a NAS at home (who hasn’t…), could I schedule a syncing of that soul to my NAS so that I will always have a backup in case I get a sdcard crash again…



Should be able to copy the relevant things over to the new card. May want to do that from your desktop.

A cron job can be scheduled to copy things to the nas.

Ok, and were do I found the relevant stuff? And how do I copy it via ssh?


In /opt/mycroft/skills/ you find a subfolder for each installed skill. In each of the subfolders you should find a file settings.json that contains the skill settings (more a less a local copy of what is stored in the skill settings at home.mycroft.ai).

In case you have edited mycroft.conf (either in etc/mycroft or in hidden subfolder .mycroft of your home folder) you should save that file as well.


Ok, and the soul is also in the mycroft.conf? I mean the information that this hw should be connected to my first mark 1 and not the one I just created due to the new iso?


The mycroft.conf contains all the configuration options so you may have set some things in there?
It’s actually located in 4 places, you can read more about mycroft.conf in our documentation.

Another piece of it’s soul would be located at: ~/.mycroft/identity/identity2.json
This is your individual Mycroft’s identity.

That is probably what @Lars_Modig is looking for. Copy identity2.json from old to new sd-card, re-install all skills and soul of the Mark-I is saved…?

Hopefully, this is assuming that the device still exists Lars account… don’t want to promise but I think it should work.

Finally got the time to dig into Mark 1 again…

I didnt really got the skills copying to work (so I reinstalled instead). But the soul (identity) is back. So now it feels as my old fellow is with me again…

Just another one on this. When SSH to the device I only see 2 folders, so is there a way of copying the identity part via SSH or do I always need to do it on the SDCARD on a computer (as I did now…)

Thanks all for the support!



If memory serves me right SFTP (FTP over SSH) - or was it SCP? - should work as well…

yeah scp is my preferred method, though I hear it’s being deprecated :frowning:

I might be misunderstanding but in case you aren’t aware of hidden folders, anything with a . in front of it won’t show up by default. So running ls will return only:

Mark-1_README skills

If you add the -a flag: ls -a
then you’ll see all files and directories including .mycroft

Also on the Mark 1, the identity is owned by the mycroft user rather than pi so the identity file will live at: /home/mycroft/.mycroft/identity/identity2.json

Ok thanks, didn’t think of the “.”. When doing the ls the view was so differnt from the ls on the sdcard so assumed that the ssh only gave permission to part of the system.

Now it’s clear! Thanks again.


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